Don’t let the high priced reputation of some local spas hinder you from this marvelous experience. Day Spa has intentionally structured the pricing schedule for you; everyone is welcome! Explore with me the delights that await you.
Once inside, you are greeted with smiles from some of the most gracious beauticians in Greenville. The lunch menu is displayed for you to make your selection. Each stage of your Day Spa experience is thoroughly explained for your mental preparation and maximum relaxation. Anxiety exists only on the exterior of 12 West Stone Avenue. A full body massage, complete with soft lighting, scented aromatherapy candles, and soft soothing music leaves your skin warm. Your limbs are feeling weightless now due to the increased circulation. It is time to don your attire for the day, a plush robe and fluffy slippers. Faint rapping on the door indicates that your drink has arrived as you make your way to an adjoining room. Here a salt glow treatment is applied to exfoliate and rejuvenate the largest organ of your body, the skin. Light sheets provide total discreetness while your therapist gently polishes you from limb to limb. When finished, she opens the built in shower to warm the flowing water for your enjoyment. For your facial, we utilize MD Formulations’ fine line of skin care products to gently cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Diane frames your face in a soft towel before the steam begins to flow smoothly across your skin preparing the pores for cleansing. With every step, the muscles in your face are skillfully massaged, increasing circulation to maximize the results of the products. Lunch is served, as you realize there are several other pampered ladies lounging in their robes for the day. “Are you comfortable?” one of the beauticians asks; service lacks NOTHING at Day Spa.